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Trying to find the way

So I did it.  I went to a furry con, and managed to come back alive.  Alive and well, at that.  Con crud was mostly avoided but for a small 'bout of sniffles whose origin could only be dubiously attributed to RF.  Hell, I didn't really get involved in any drama!

I suppose in a way, Rainfurrest was an ideal introduction to furry cons.  For me, there was much less of a reliance on socialization in order to have fun because of the robust writing track, so I pretty much never had a point where there was absolutely nothing to do except maybe late at night, and at that point I went to bed.  Perhaps next time I'll go to a room party.

It's hard to summarize exactly what happened and when, especially since I didn't document everything, but I do know that I had a blast.  I entered a writing contest, and while I didn't win, I did discover that it is possible for me to crank out almost 3k words in the space of a few days.  I also got my first con badge from Leon Husky aka GlitterPills on FA, and hung out with him and his girl, Kappy for the time that I wasn't sitting in on interesting writing panels.  I also met Phil Geusz, Kyell Gold and Kit, Fuzzwolf and Teiran, Mary Dowd, Ryan Campbell and Jakebe, Zia McCorgi, Sparf, and briefly Spelunker Sal.  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with Kappy, Leon, Deyna Otter and Kilo, as well as at least one other person whose name unfortunately escapes me.  

Honestly, going to Rainfurrest was probably one of the best experiences in my life, and outside of a few isolated incidents, it completely broke my misconceptions about furries in person.  And that I consider to be a very good thing.  Though at present things don't look too good for it, I hope to make next year's Rainfurrest as well.  And maybe, just maybe, a few more cons. 
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Well, I haven't been here in a while.  Hello everyone.  Though... I'm honestly not sure how many people are out there.  

in any event, here I am again, aiming to revive this particular blog.  Maybe.  See, I'm considering switching to Tumblr, though honestly I don't think it would matter too much as people who'd want to read my blog would find it wherever I put it.  But yet and still i've created a tumblr account found at pyrostinger.tumblr.com and you can visit it.  It will most likely than not be a blog and maybe the extension of some tweets (by the way, I have a Twitter in case you didn't know.  I'm sure you can guess what it is.).

Anyway, first up is a con report.  I went to Rainfurrest 2013!

Short version: it was awesome and I'd love to go again.

As for coming attractions... expect lots of book reviews!

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So, this arc more or less finished up on Original Life recently.

For those who don't know, Original Life is the sequel to Jay Naylor's webcomic, Better Days.  It was pretty interesting, and I managed to plow through the entire thing over a couple days when I discovered it, and followed it to it's conclusion.  When I heard he was planning on continuing the story, I was interested to follow this as well, since its essentially a time skip for the characters, who have grown up and had kids and started families (or not, in some cases). 

Anyway, Abigail (I confess to not knowing the character's names exactly, I don't know where to look it up) is a six-year-old genius, and one of the main characters, and she gets her own little arc.  To start with, she wants to expand her laboratory into something much larger, and thinks to make an underground facility at her house.  This, of course, will cost a substantial amount of money.  Her first stab at it is a lemonade stand, which was cute.  Unfortunately, some government mooks come over and cite her for violating some obscure code and the fact that she didn't have a temporary business license.  This is played for laughs in the next strip.  Though I suppose here is where on more sober reflection, I start to frown a bit.

See, while the government mooks are just mooks, Abigail compares the government to the mafia for, essentially, regulations.  Then again, it's sorta understandable, since I'm given to understand her first encounter with government regulation was by a bunch of asshats who decide to impose a temporary business license law on a six year old running a lemonade stand.  Anyway.

Later, she's approached by an overweight dude.  Earlier in the comic, Abigail helped out in a competition between her and her sister with helping people lose weight.  Janie did traditional methods, which is to say eating right and exercising, while Abigail resorted to SCIENCE! resulting in a pill that, while it did convert muscle to fat near instantly, it also carried a side effect of much reduced intelligence and a spike in testosterone.  Hilarity ensued.  Anyway, said overweight dude heard about the pill, and overrides her objections to selling it by offering her $500 right there and then.  Now, smart as she is, she decides to sell it in secret. 

So now, our plucky six-year-old protagonist has decided to evade needless government regulation by... selling drugs.  This is pretty much what it comes down to.  Now, I suppose on one hand she could be justified and she's also six, smart as she apparently is.  But she also apparently enlisted the big sister of the boy she turned into a "hyper masculine freak" to act as a fence, selling this drug in front of Krispy Kremes.  Big sister expresses some remorse, Abigail responds with something fairly profound, if you think about it.  But it's also a sort of excuse. I'm not sure if these guys went into it knowing all the risks, just that there's a reward of getting ripped with no effort, not knowing about the reduction in intelligence. 

Though, apparently the side effects are fairly negligible.  Apparently use of the drug is, by one person's admission, leads to "an avalanche of degrading sex and debauchery."  Though at DEA headquarters, unemployment is ticking up, as well as people experiencing extreme declines in flexibility.  One noticeably faceless DEA official says, outright, that these factors are costing taxpayers.  "Therefore, we must spend more of their billions trying to stop it."  Now, one person at this meeting makes what seems to be a perfectly reasonable argument: making taxpayers pay for other people's bad decisions is, inherently, throwing money down a hole.  For this, he's thrown through a window.

Two things about this.  First, the implication is that the government shouldn't be subsidizing the bad decisions that people make.  On the face of this, I'm entirely behind this, but I'm wondering what Jay was thinking when he thought of "bad decisions."  Second, this caricature of the government is laughable.  Again, the reasonable person is thrown out of a window for proposing what seems like a reasonable solution.  Now, I know it's supposed to be played for laughs, but it sorta strikes me as a bit... sinister, in a way, and not at all indicative of government.  I really don't like this implication, honestly.  The implicit one that government is subsidizing people's bad decisions, and that they're being needlessly intrusive with regulation.  Some regulation ain't bad, folks.  Without regulation, who knows what kinda water would be flowing out of our taps, for example?

I do wonder, though, about the strawmanning of the government, here.  I mean, yeah, it's just Jay's little comic, but it sorta unsettles me that, for laughs, I'd assume, the government is basically portrayed as obstructionist jerks that pay for other people's failures. 
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What purpose am I serving?

Yes, this is ostensibly a blog about writing, but pointing out mistakes from writers that are trying to do stuff and get better... hm.  Perhaps counterintuitive, even anonymously.  Will making fun of bad writing birth good writing?  Not necessarily.  Perhaps even not at all.  I say this because last time, I ended up being confronted (and summarily blocked on FA) by a friend of a writer of one of the stories I ended up disparaging, and she (I think it was a she, not sure) was upset, saying also that this person, had they come across my review, would be upset to the point of having to be talked off the ledge of never writing again.

While I find this particular response rather extreme and I did defend my position, it did sorta give me, and this blog, pause.  Of course, it didn't help that I've had a bit of an upheaval in my live in the intervening month, which also caused the blog to slow to a stop, as well.

If I want other amateurs to write more good stuff, if only for the entirely selfish reason of having more good stuff to read, then why do I point out the bad?  Easy, because some of that shit is so laughably bad that it's high comedy.  But other than having fun at other's expense... what does that serve?

Some people get giggles.  Other people... get offended.  I don't think I can quite pull off satire quite yet, especially not to even Yahtzee levels quite yet.  And while I'm fairly certain that I've made valid points, they can come off the complete wrong way. 

In essence, this is not to say that this is the death of the Random Story Encounter, but it will probably be featured less in my blog as I'll have other things to say about writing.  I'll probably write one up every now and then, and chances are they'll be less biting and sarcastic.  There are good stories out there, and I think the good ones deserve more attention than the bad.  Lord knows I have lots to improve in my own writing.  

What you will see is probably more professional style reviews, especially since my new job had created a definite book fund.  I can also probably telegraph the next few books that will be appearing; I bought recently a few books by Catherynne Valente, and plan to purchase the next Out of Position book: Isolation Play.  So there are two things that you guys can look forward to.

Until then, I have some writing of my own to do.

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Another double feature.

Now, contrary to popular belief, I can't always finish these painful stories I end up reading.  Often, the only thing that pushes me to move on is a sort of trainwreck mentality; I want to see exactly how bad this could be, or the terribleness is so fascinating that I have to see this to the end.  And of late, there have been a few stories that issues so significant that I just... couldn't go on.  These are the stories.

The first one I'd encountered a while back.  I've read a few other stories by this particular author before, and they were... decent.  Not always terrible, though I did write another RSE involving one of his stories, so I'm left to figure that I should tread with caution, right?  Right.  Anyway, the story opens with some poor sap, a blue jay, in our modern times.  He just graduated from college, and has been having a hard time finding a job because apparently he's run into a bloated job market.  Luckily for him, he has a friend who was able to secure him a gig as an IT guy at some small law firm, so that he at least has some kinda income thought it may not exactly justify the degree. 

Now, this blue jay has a boss, a dragon.  In the next scene after the introduction, we find out that the jay was specifically selected for a certain level of desperation.  IE, they wanted somebody that had to have this job or they'd starve.  Now, this pretty much tells you that the drake is going to be an asshole, and he sets himself up to be just that as he abuses the jay into coming back later today when nobody's there.  It's valid in that the IT stuff is probably better served when nobody's there to mess with the updates and such and that it's not disrupting the law firm's business, but the drak is still an ass.  And then you find out how much of one.

Now, to recap: we have a blue jay with a college degree but not quite a lot of experience with it, entering a job market.  Obviously, he may not find a job in his field, but he at least has a college degree, which will definitely count for something, right?  And he has an asshole boss.  A boss that rides him for showing up on time because he didn't come an hour earlier than he was told, not showing enough initiative apparently.  Fine, whatever, jay takes that and is told to go around updating everybody's computers, and he pointedly does the boss's last because... well, he's a dick and a bully.  Correction: he's a massive pervert and a bully.

The blue jay walks into the office to find his drake boss naked.  Understandably confused, he asks what the hell is going on, and the drake responds that in that office, he is "all knowing master" and that if he doesn't like it, then he can get the hell out.  Blue jay threatens to report, and drake counters that there isn't a single lawyer that would believe him.  Now, all of this is plausible, though it does strain credulity for me a little bit.  And then the drake turns it up to 11.

Having established that he wants to be called master or sir within the bounds of the office, he then demands the blue jay dress up in frilly lingerie.  Oh, and while he's at it, pose and look sexy for him.  And, of course, suck him off.  Now, again, the blue jay is fairly desperate but it's been established that he has a freaking COLLEGE DEGREE.  He's taking the IT job as make work until he can get something better.  And yet, the dragon somehow convinces him that if he doesn't dress up like a woman and completely and utterly humiliate himself, then he won't get a job ever. 

And that is where I stopped.  The story was about a third of the way in and I couldn't get over the fact that this blue jay had to have been smart enough to realize that, bad job market or not, he did not have to take this kind of shit. 

The other story was fan fiction.  Sorta.  I opened it in my word processor and found that it was apparently 29 freaking pages long, and that kinda put me off a little bit.  But my curiosity being what it is since I was somewhat familiar with the story, I pressed on.

This particular series takes place in the world of Dinosaurs, that Jim Henson show from the 90s.  The prior three chapters pretty much establish a new doctor that ended up screwing the wife from the series since the husband has become absent sexually, and from there starts screwing the daughter, too.  Having not remembered much of the series aside from the baby (which thankfully DID NOT make an appearance in any of the stories), I wasn't really sure on the accurate characterization so I gave the author a pass.  Now, one thing that also must be said is that all four chapters were commissions, with the fourth chapter having a different writer from the previous three.  That sorta explains why I ended up stopping reading the story.  Allow me to elaborate.

The fourth chapter begins with Robbie (the son) apparently having a bad day, topping off with his cell phone going missing.  Instead of his phone, he has his sister Charlene's phone  Now, I don't think smartphones existed in the run of the show, since they didn't exist in the early 90s, but that's not the point.  The point is that Robbie starts sifting through his sister's phone, finds pictures of his sister getting dicked, and then starts wishing that he was in those pictures.  Getting dicked. 

See, apparently Robbie's always had some gay tendencies, which lead him to break up with his girlfriend for fear he might be outed as bi.  Again, Robbie has had some gay thoughts, and thinks he's bi, and he has a girlfriend.  Said girlfriend is suspecting him of being bi due to some actions that Robbie lets slip, and his solution is to break up with her.  This does not seem smart, and would probably only further the rumor mill, no? 

Now, the story allows that this might be a hasty decision, and fine, I can dig that even with the whole 'secretly bi' thing mucking up the works.  But then I remembered that this story was a commission.  And that the same character that had a romp with the wife and sister in the series was a character of the commissioner.  And I just got the feeling that with the heavy-handed set up of Robbie finding porn of his sister getting dicked and wishing himself in her place that some how, some way, Robbie was going to end up on the receiving end of the very same dick.  And that is where I stopped.

Now, people have accused me of masochism in reading all these stories and telling people about it.  This might be true, but everybody has a limit.  And I've reached mine with these two.

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Another fairly common amateur writing trope, but a bit more advanced than fan fiction, is retelling old stories.  Classics, like fairy tales, Aesop fables, so on and so forth.  Often, writers who decide to reinterpret these have been writing for a while and it's sorta a new challenge, making something interesting from a story that just about everybody's seen before.  Recently, and in fairly close succession to each other, I encountered a couple reinterpretations of the classic Little Red Riding Hood, only with porn.  Let's see how these ended up.

The first story meanders a bit to introduce the mouse protagonist, playing the titular role.  And since we're dealing with anthropomorphic characters, the Big Bad Wolf will, of course, be played by a wolf.  Said wolf in his "deep, masculine voice," diverts the mouse's attention from her travels, dropping down from a tree.  The Wolf cuts a dashing figure, even kissing the mouse's hand as he redirects Red from the route she had been taking by fibbing about a giant bear goin' around killin' folk.  This apparently causes not only a blush, but "another kind of warmth [manifesting] in her stomach".  Anyway, Wolf directs Red off on her new route, though this one is obviously out of the way after learning that she's visiting her mother.  As she leaves earshot, said Wolf calls to two compatriots, who apparently smell that... the mouse is in heat!  And I think somehow didn't know it.  Uh.  Yeah.  Apparently this was simply triggered by this wolf somehow.  It's honestly never explained why the Wolf triggered the mouse's heat or... something. But yeah, it just happened.

Anyway, Red gets to her mom's house to find the door unlocked.  She opens the door, and finds that, oh hey, it's that nice wolf from earlier!  He's even sipping from a tea cup.  How dignified.  Wolf says he's a new friend of the mother, and then directs Red down the hall where she hears "rhythmic creaking."  And then she opens the door to find the other two wolves from earlier raping her mom.

This is, of course, horrifying, and she tries to back out, only to find the Wolf saying that it "[would] be terrible manners for her to leave now" and pushing her back into the room.  The warmth from earlier returns with a vengeance, and... yeah, it pretty much ends how you think it might: Red is stripped naked, is apparently in heat, and raped before her mother while the mother is raped too.  However, due to the writer's particular proclivities toward pregnancy, there's lots of dirty talk about "fucking my cubs up into your fertile belly" and apparently the wolf is so hung that he can pierce her cervix(!) and cum into her womb.  After that, it's pretty much revealed that the wolves want the mouses to be "baby factories."  The story literally ends with Red's water breaking.  Because of reasons.

The second Red Riding Hood story starts a lot faster.  Here, Red (a human) is visiting her boyfriend curiously named Kliw.  Side note: how do you pronounce that?  I'd ask the writer, but they probably won't find my next words too flattering.  Anyway, Red opens the door since she's been expected, and closes it.  Though apparently a black wolf who had beat her to the house blocks her exit, and three other wolves reveal that they'd already tied up her boyfriend.  And of course, on the menu is raaaaaaaape. 

Unlike the first story, Red is particularly unhappy about this development and tries to fight off the wolves, but she's, of course, impotent and her clothes are ripped off of her and her virginity is taken and so on and so forth.  She keeps fighting, though.  For her efforts, she just gets raped more and harder, two wolf dicks goin' up her butt and apparently not making her bleed.  Just, like... rape.  Now, the oddly-named boyfriend is not immune, and he gets to suck off one of the other wolves.  And then things go off the rails.

Now, in the story description, the writer cites as an influence Jay Naylor's interpretation of Red Riding Hood.  It starts as Red visits her boyfriend only to find a wolf poorly imitating him and fucking the wolf anyway.  It ends with the wolf tribe fucking their way through the entire Human Kingdom with help from the freaking Queen.  To do that, the wolves reduce the women to sex addicts and the men to feminized sex addicts (to the point of growing tits) with the help of ingesting a special substance created from plant life, coupled with a religious cult-type atmosphere. 

Back to this story, where a fifth, shaman-type wolf emerges from a back room and starts painting Red's body, which magically makes her tits grow bigger and lactate, and also makes her instantly and constantly fertile.  Oh, and it completely changes her to instead want all these wolf-dick all up in her.  So she does.  And her boyfriend, instead of feminized, is turned completely into a girl.  He doesn't get the treatment to make him, now her, want it, so rape train keeps on rollin'.

The only other pertinent story element is that the wolves intend to take the girls to their tribe to rape 'em some more so that they pop out some "more wolves for our tribe and more sluts" to fuck.  The humans are given new names ('Slut' and 'Bitch', how creative) and... yeah.  Oh, and Red apparently transforms into a wolf for reasons that the wolves don't care about, since she's still a warm body. 

The dialogue in this story I must take note of.  I mean, granted there is pretty much absolutely nothing to this story except for an excuse to have lots and lots of dicks coming at Red and her boy/girlfriend from all angles, but the dialogue is kinda terrible.  It's pretty much your standard dirty talk primer, which means it gets awkward as hell and (to me) actively takes away from the experience.  An example: "I'd love another romp in Slut's cunt, brother. She squeezes so nicely when she cums, and she loves taking our knots. Even better, brother...Let's both take her cunt. That way, we can both flood her womb with our seed and get her pregnant."  This makes me sad because I love writing dialogue, but even then I'm not even sure it can be saved, considering the context.

So apparently porn interpretations of Little Red Riding Hood require rape.  And while these particular versions weren't very good, they pretty much wallow in the "just porn" category.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, because then you could try and create a story from it like Naylor did and just confuse everybody.

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You must be swift as the coursing river
With all the strength of the great typhoon...

Yeah, sorry about that.  Sorta.  Anyway, reading Out of Hand and a couple of other cuckolding stories as well as a few very interesting articles on the nature of masculinity got me thinking.  A cuckold is generally defined as a man having an adulterous wife.  And though I used gender neutral terms (sort of) in my review of Out of Hand to account for an inclusive definition of the term, in the cases that I've encountered it as a fetish it's involved somebody with a dick butting into an existing relationship.  Which brings me to the subject of masculinity. 

Now, the trope with cuckolding stories/porn is that the bull, or interloper into the existing relationship, is more of a man than the cuckold.  This is generally illustrated by the bull being dominant, able to boss both man and wife around, being taller, more muscled, and of course, having a bigger dick, higher libido, and the ability to fuck the wife into multiple orgasms.  Also, and this is pretty much the defining factor among all the cuck stories that I've read, is that the bull is a massive jerk. 

It doesn't help that the wife in these sorts of scenarios generally becomes complicit in beating down the cuckold.  Using the third chapter of Out of Hand as an example, Sarah ends up relishing saying that Leslie isn't as manly as Ethan during the dwindling times he has sex with her, which actually causes Leslie to go harder.  Earlier in the same chapter, she basically invites Ethan to the house over Leslie's misgivings, using thinner and thinner excuses until the pretense is dropped entirely.  This behavior is tacitly encouraged by Ethan with the way that he treats Leslie as little more than a gopher, and purposefully arranging things to that Leslie ends up watching Ethan drill his wife.

Now, one might wonder why Ethan isn't the protagonist, here.  After all, he doesn't seem to have much if any emotion aside of maybe anger, is tall, strong, and most importantly has a big, thick penis with which to make all the ladies moan and scream.  In other words, he is an ideal male.  That, and Leslie the fox is much, much less of a man, using all those standards as metrics of masculinity, being smaller in height and cock size, and generally a pushover.  He also goes down on Ethan (gay stuff = not manly) and his primary role ends up being the clean up crew, licking up Sarah of all the seed spilled in her after Ethan is done.  So wouldn't that make Ethan something to aspire to, to idealize?  Not really.  It's not just story purposes that would make Ethan a perfect antagonist especially in a story like this, but more the fact that Leslie has to essentially face down a high-school bully if he ever wants his girlfriend back, or at least salvage a shred of dignity.  And with the way the story is going, the straw may never break the camel's back, or perhaps it wouldn't matter if it did. 

In a way, it's kinda funny how Ethan would make a pretty great action hero, yet in this case he's the ideal antagonist, representing everything that Leslie is not.  And I guess that's just what makes Leslie the ideal protagonist, though he seems to have a tendency to be completely blown away by the masculinity of others, and has this whole... jealousy kick with regard to it as well. 

I guess being a man isn't always the best thing to be.

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I first encountered this story, which is a sequel to a commissioned story, ages and ages ago on FA.  Don't remember specifically when, but it had been a while.  Recently, I found that the author was on SoFurry as well, and had posted a couple new chapters to the story, which I found myself a little surprised to be eager to read.  Honestly, I just wished that downloading stories was much less of a pain on SF, but there's not a lot I can do about that.  The writing wasn't the reason I was surprised at my eagerness, but it had more to do with the subject matter: cuckolding. 

Now, every cuckolding story  pretty much follows the same storyline.  For one reason or another, a married or long-term relationship between two partners is introduced to a third, and that third (the bull, I think) is seen as more and better sexually than one of the other partners.  If it goes on longer, than the cuckold is gradually getting less and less sex while the bull (I think those are the terms for it) gets more, up to and including inviting friends and associates to enjoy the cuckold's significant other.  Also, the bull is usually an asshole dominant personality. 

On an intellectual level, this pisses me off.  I get a pretty visceral reaction and really want the bull to stop being such an asshole, and generally wondering how they are able to seduce the significant other.  To that end, the story is almost never from the bull's point of view, but more from the cuckold's, so the reader is dragged along while they feel the pain of this jerk not only butting in on their relationship, but them getting very much the short stick while they're pushed around more and more, coupled with a dichotomous raging arousal as this is happening. And if the story is written well and gets into heavier stuff, I end up feeling rather divided as naughty things happen while the cuckold is usually staring at the other two. 

Specific to this story, a fox has just brought home a wolf to meet his human wife as the second chapter begins.  They all went to high school together and this is some years later, where a desire to keep his wife happy has lead the fox to seek out the wolf (who bullied him and stole his girlfriends) to perhaps spice up their sex life, never guessing that the wolf's assholish personality would lead to a secretive blow job (said fox is straight) in a bar followed by being dragged to his car by his dick, literally.  The wolf then proceeds to seduce the initially pissed off wife through a sob story and alcohol, all in the face of the increasingly hesitant fox. 

By this point, it's a runaway train that couldn't be stopped, so he's left to watch while the dominant jerk of a wolf bangs his wife like she's never been banged before, creating a bit of an addict in the process.  Though he initially benefits with a huge upswing in his own sex life, the wolf comes over more and more often and while he's at work, and there's less and less for him until by the fourth chapter, he's explicitly told that he won't be getting any.  This being after the wolf and a co-worker double team the poor wife in another room, with the fox brought in to clean her up with his tongue in the aftermath. 

The writing is the primary reason that I enjoy reading this so much.  Though it deals with a subject that would piss me off in any normal circumstance, it's so good that I found myself enjoying it and wanting to read more, if only to find out how messed up the relationship would go from there.  The writer seems to find great joy in the fox's distress, and that comes through in the story especially with all the ultimately tragic erections said fox has to deal with as he's browbeaten into accepting this new routine and lifestyle. 

To recap, despite the subject matter I would recommend giving this a shot if you're looking for something new to read.  If you find yourself become angry or upset, don't worry, you're supposed to feel that way. 

Unless you're some kind of heartless, asshole wolf.
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Quick note: Some of you may have noticed that this is #21 instead of #20.  That's because there are two #15s.  I just noticed this.

I've talked about this guy's writing before, but apparently not on this blog.  And as with another RSE, I ended up stumbling over this particular story and wondering if anything had changed.  The answer was no, and may have even gotten worse, and that saddens me.  It saddens me in this case because the writer is essentially textually masturbating, and not just with the characters that end up bumping uglies.  I will also concede that the subject matter in this story CAN be interesting, but the way that it's presented here mostly ends up being extremely creepy.  Let me explain with a play-by-play here.

Story opens with a polar bear lady driving a school bus filled with kids of indeterminate age.  Honestly, this is probably a way to get around FA's cub ban; by not explicitly mentioning age, you can avoid accusations of the story being cubs because nowhere does it say that the kid is underage.  'Course, nowhere does it say that the kid is legal, either, and school age kids are generally underage, so... it's a thin argument at best.  Anyway, last stop and there's only one kid left, a kid who's some sort of raccoon.  Despite the physical description that's given, I am not entirely sure what kind of animal he's supposed to be, since I don't know many with a "football-shaped head."

The first instance of the writer smearing himself all over the story is found here and elaborated upon in the next paragraph.  Now, if you do find this writer's work (and I would suggest that you don't), then you'll see the writer's pen name presenting the story, followed by a copyright line at the end of the intro saying that all the characters belong to the writer.  Now, the coon-type kid is addressing the polar bear bus driver as Mrs. Writer's Last Name, who I will call Wetsmoke.  Anyway, Mrs. Wetsmoke is then given a paragraph of physical description, described as being a large, nine-foot tall woman.  Kinda ridiculous but hey, polar bear.  So alright, I guess.

So anyway, the five foot tall (I see what you did there, Wetsmoke) coon-type stands up, puts on his book bag, looks at his house to see his mom and dad fighting, and then tries to take a step.  And falls "straight to the floor", busting his head on a rail.  There's a scene where he wakes up briefly in the arms of the bus driver, and said bus-driver's holy-shit-huge breasts (eight letters higher than double Ds!) and then loses consciousness again.  Also, there's a brief mention of the father trying to push away the mother, and the reason that the kid fell over, which is to say bullies tied his feet together. 

Then there's the hospital scene.  Oh, the hospital scene.  Bus driver Wetsmoke and mother are demanding to see the kid, who is still in critical condition apparently.  The doctor, described as "[muscled] and six feet of wolf meat" is shakin' in his boots in the face of the "fifty-something much larger and more muscled polar bear woman."  So much so, he actually piddles himself when Mrs Wetsmoke picks him up to try and drive her point home.  But apparently it's not just physical muscle that the Wetsmokes possess, because it's fairly casually dropped that the bus driver's grandson has donated a large sum of money to the hospital, which is the reason that they're able to provide healthcare to those sans insurance.  And Mrs. Wetsmoke is rich enough to casually give a gold band to the scared doctor that would more than cover his dry-cleaning bill.  Which makes me wonder why Mrs. Wetsmoke is driving a bus, because she clearly doesn't need the income. 

I heard the writer fapping about here, by the way.  The fapping gets louder as, seven months later, the kid hops out of a limo provided by the Wetsmokes. 

Anyway, the kid is out of the hospital and thinner and perhaps more muscled due to physical therapy he apparently needed.  Hooray!  Also hooray, dad has moved out!  Because, well, he's a massive dick.  He's such a massive dick that apparently he unhinged the door a little, broke the porch, and left the house in a state of disrepair, generally.  Now, I know the mother has spent a lot of time in the hospital with her kid, but she wasn't able to keep up with the house?  How... odd.  But kinda understandable, as it appears that the kid is an only child.  Anyway, not only did the father fuck up the house, but there's also signs that he took a lot of the furniture as he moved out, as well as did the MASSIVE dick move of taking away stuff that was given to the kid, up to and including a suit.  Now, I know I'm supposed to hate this father character, because he tries to keep the mother away from the son, and then ransacks the house, but what kind of petty move is it to take the kid's suit?  Really?  And couple that with the mother relaying that the father took the stuff because it's "not meant for a bastard child"?  C'mon now.

But around now, we get a physical description for the mother, because those are all the rage these days.  Anyway, she's essentially described as beautiful and graceful and beatific as befits a Queen, though I cannot tell you why the first letter was capitalized.  Maybe to emphasize that she's totally better than any regular old queen.  She's also tagged as having a "light, lyrical voice" so obviously you're supposed to like her.  And honestly, she didn't move me in any one direction or other until later in the story. 

Anyway, the mother goes to make the kid his favorite meal, a fish that is apparently rare around the world but "common in the river and lake beds behind their house."  And it has to be made in a very specific way, which is described to perhaps impress upon the reader that this is no easy feat.  And while the mother leaves to go do that, the kid is pushed into bed to take a nap. 

Now, as he's falling asleep, it's specifically mentioned that he now sees his mother sway her ass and totally gets a boner.  And this isn't... objectionable?  I mean, he's a kid, so hormones and what not, and he gets embarrassed once he realizes that he has pitched a tent in the blankets.  Now, this isn't so bad, because it's perfectly explainable... but then things get worse. 

The kid wakes up to his mother sleeping in the bed right next to him.  It's mentioned her dress is riding a bit low, exposing cleavage, which then launches into a description of those bosoms and their specific deformation while she's lying there.  Also, she may or may not smell like a bakery.  Now, he's half asleep, so he barely notices that he's stroking up her side until he's almost to her tit, but by that point the mother wakes up and smiles angelically at him.  And hugs him.  'Kay.

She rolls off the bed away from him, her hand touching his crotch briefly (and he still has a raging stiffy, which apparently went unnoticed) and then sits up, zipping up her dress.  It's also mentioned that she has no bra on, and she has to "[re-holster] her bosoms."  Now, the food has gone a bit cold, but not too much, and it's still apparently cooked perfectly.  When the kid asks how she does it, she replies that it's cooked with love.  This would be sweet and borderline saccharine were it not previously mentioned that the bra-less mother was sleeping right next to her son for some reason.  And in similar reasonlessness, the mother taken to wearing perfume.  And just to eliminate all doubt that the author is driving together mother and child to do the nasty, it's mentioned that the mother secretly gets hot at "being so close to a man that actually loves her." 

The mother keeps her kid chained to the bed, not allowing him to get out for more than maybe going to the bathroom or bathing.  She sleeps in his bed a few more times, too, because she's lonely.  The bus driver comes over every now and then, helping the mother clean up the busted-ass house. She even brings over a work crew bought by her husband to renovate the place, mostly because she apparently feels guilty that the kid was bullied under her watch.  Now, the kid also goes to the window to check out some of the lady construction workers, but finds that none makes him sport as much wood as his mother, probably because of some Stockholm syndrome shit. 

In any event, on one particular day he's sick for some reason, which is kind of amazing since he's been chained to the bed and hasn't really moved too much.  If anything, one might think he's wasting away or something, or growing fat.  His room is different now, with some new bells and whistles as well as a new mural painted by the mother, part of which is himself and the mother picnicking among golden sunflowers. 

He rolls over, closes his eyes, and then feels his mother get into bed next to him.  Naked.  She then kisses him directly on the lips; not some chaste motherly kiss, but practically making out with him.  She's totally hot for him, because she's wet as she straddles him and sit up, dropping the blanket enough so that she can see her thick bush.  Here, the writer is fapping even harder, because this lady pretty much matches his ideal type of woman, who keeps showing up again and again in his stories: motherly, a bit of a belly with big tits and hips, and dense pubes. 

Then it gets creepier with every detail mentioned further. As she pulls down his boxers with her feet somehow, she says that she wants him to "let momma give you some of her special TLC."  And, it's mentioned that there's alcohol on her breath.  Specifically, "[she] had that perfect level of being coherent of her actions, and yet having no inhibitions," which is a pretty magical level of drunk.  Also, she's "in the throws of heat", which either means she's about to Hadoken her kid or the 'w' should be an 'e'.  But thanks to her possibly inebriated state, she's sick of teasing him and "now she was taking", "forcing" him into her "with amazing easy."  Also, apparently the last time she had sex was when the kid was conceived.  So for those keeping score at home, the mother is magically drunk, naked, in heat, pent up, and in bed with her no longer virgin kid, forcing herself on him even though they totally want each other. What delightful parenting.

Now, the writer tries to backtrack this stage of creepy by saying how "the fading sunlight seemed to frame his mothers[sic] face beautifully, giving her a radiant glow" or some shit, but for fuck's sake.  The mother just ambushed her sick kid to satisfy herself.  How is this not wrong, and not just wrong but shudder-inducing?  Anyway, the mom has an orgasm and flops over onto the kid, where they kiss and he gropes her ass "until the fat cells dimpled noticeably."  They pick up again, and she drops another creepy mother line ("Go ahead. Momma’s here to help heal her baby, his needs are her needs."  Liar.) while smothering his face in her tits.  That, and the scent makes him go over, so he might be a daddy now.  Now, this sight of the kid blowing a wad in her mom's twat is viewed by the mother's friend.  And who is that?  The bus driver, Mrs. Wetsmoke!

Now, backing up a bit, the bus driver's there because the kitchen is out of commission, being renovated, and she brought pizza.  At this point, though, we find out that the bus driver had convinced the mother to fuck her son because she herself is fucking her grandson!  And married to him!  So, you know, fuck going out and dating, because there's an eligible bachelor right there, chained to the bed, and you made him yourself!

They fuck again with him on top, and she makes him fuck her faster, brushing aside any fears of perhaps blowing too quickly with "Baby, momma’s TLC says you can cum in her as much as you want, any time you want. Just tell her you love her and want to make her feel like a goddess."  So she cums also, "biting her lower lip as she road her strongest orgasm for the evening" and smiling "in the throws of passion" (HADOKEN!).  Also, she catches whatever made him sick, which was apparently just a bad cold. 

So what have we learned?  It's fairly easy for incest to be really, really creepy, especially when the writer is manipulating not only the characters but the events through a proxy.  Also, a spell checker is not enough, kids.  Edit your stories, unless you like spamming QCF + P.

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Now, here's the very interesting thing about this story.  It tackled something that would probably be a question that somebody has to have asked at some point, which is to say exactly how are hybrids born, here?  Literally, how did they come out of the womb? 

Anybody who's been in or around the furry fandoms knows that hybrids are totally a Thing.  Tigersharks, wolfoxes, so on and so forth.  If you have the opportunity to make combinations of things, it either has been made or congratulations, you're the first one to make it!  Maybe.  But until now, generally I've just seen a bunch of handwaving as to how these combinations are actually brought into the world. 

The story starts with a male raccoon obstetrician helping out a couple that wants to, as much as possible, give birth naturally.  The issue, however, is that the mother's a cat, and the father's a bear.  It goes onto say that hybrid kids usually take after either the mother's or the father's species, but the size of the child can be either, which neatly establishes the rules for this particular universe.  And in this particular case, it's a big baby. 

Now, the story gets to the crux of the issue for the doctor when the baby is safely delivered, the parents prayed and thanked God for the safe delivery.  This rankles the doc because though he respected the parents' wishes for as natural a delivery as possible, he feels like Rodney Dangerfield; he gets no respect. 

The actual mechanics of the writing is pretty good, though it does ramble a little bit.  There are some, for me, curious word choices and perhaps an over-reliance on adverbs with dialogue tags.  But it is solid writing, and despite a name near the end that took me out of the story a little bit (Thrunder?  This is a name?), I did find myself enjoying the story. 

Overall, I think that you guys should check out Evertide and this story, and maybe say some nice things.  Apparently he's had a low opinion of his own writing.
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